Remembering Roger Ebert

Heartbroken today after hearing of the loss of legendary film critic and writer Roger Ebert, who lost his long battle with cancer today at the age of 70.

I always admired his passion of critiquing and his willingness to stand by his opinions, even if I vehemently disagreed with them. One of my favorite shows to watch every week growing up was Siskel & Ebert. There was nothing like watching Roger and the late Gene Siskel go back and forth about the movies that they loved, and of course, the movies that they hated. And I had so much fun imitating their trademark “Two Thumbs Up/Two Thumbs Down” symbol while watching.

As a tribute, I’d like to point out one of my favorite of the older episodes that has been seen on YouTube, from 1988, called “What’s Wrong With Home Video.” Not only did I enjoy their viewpoints on some things – I could not agree more, guys, widescreen altering is a complete pain! And it’s great that subtitles have gotten better as well. But it got me thinking about how we still can have some of these problems, even as we’ve evolved into DVD’s today, and not exclusively movies, but also with television shows. For example, there was that whole business with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the debate between fans as to whether or not the show should have been released in widescreen format on DVD from season 4 onward to the end; even though it never aired that way originally.

I’ll link to part one here, the other two parts are side-linked on YouTube.

We’ll see you at the movies, Roger.

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