GSN Rejuvenates Classic Line-Up

vlcsnap-2013-03-23-10h15m43s138Great news for classic game show fans who might have missed out on the word, and  no, this is NOT an April Fool’s joke! The morning classics line up is finally being refreshed.

A fresh start for the start of the day, including, fresh episodes of Match Game, Super Password, Press Your Luck, and including, the leasing a new classic never before aired on the network, $ale of the Century!  GSN has picked up 65 episodes for air. All the fun starts tomorrow morning, April 1st at 8:00 am.

The morning line-up is as follows:

8:00 am Match Game (continuing with 1975, replaces Richard Dawson’s Family Feud)

8:30 am Match Game

9:00 am Press Your Luck (replaces Jim Perry’s Card Sharks)

9:30 am $ale of the Century (replaces Press Your Luck)

10:00 am $100,000 Pyramid

10:30 am $25,000 Pyramid

11:00 am Super Password (rest of 1986, early 1987)

Also Password Plus gets different episodes on the weekend mornings at 9 am, this time we’ll be seeing the Tom Kennedy era from 1981-82.

These are definitely exciting changes. Many fans have pined for $ale‘s return to the airwaves for more than a decade after USA Network dropped it and its other game shows from their schedule in the mid 1990’s. Match Game has had the same limited batch of episodes for at least 3 years now and it’ll be nice to finally see the rest of 1975 along with 1976. Also, with Press Your Luck moving a half-hour earlier, we’ll be getting 57 fresh episodes not seen since its run on USA Network. It’ll be nice to see some different episodes for a change. It’s disappointing that Family Feud with Richard Dawson is being dropped from the schedule (especially considering the lack of diversity with the Feud episodes on GSN), and as much as I enjoy Card Sharks, at least these shows are being replaced with something really decent, and in $ale‘s case, something very long awaited. Fans of Jim Perry will also still get to see him every weekday.

Some people might find some of the episode pickups a bit odd. 65 episodes of $ale, 57 of Press Your Luck. In seeing how GSN’s done recently with Press Your Luck: picking up the first 50 episodes, airing them once, airing them a second time, and then pretty quickly getting a new batch of episodes… if this is a new type of leasing system for classics and it’s something that sticks, then by all means, I’m all for it. Everything stays reasonably fresh and GSN saves money by leasing the shows little by little. It’s a much better plan than being stuck with, say, Match Game ’74 for 3 years in a row when there are plenty of other eras of the show to enjoy.

And what’s more, $ale of the Century is even being promoted by GSN on the air! It’s not often classics get this kind of attention from them these days. Spectacular!

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