Paul Feig on The $25,000 Pyramid

So I had been doing my typical catching up on GSN’s airings of The $25,000 Pyramid on Friday and I just happened to notice a little familiar face.

For those who are unaware, the guy on the right is Paul Feig, who years later went on into acting and created the short-lived but well-loved cult show Freaks and Geeks, which aired on NBC from 1999-2000. I see that he’s done a lot of directing in recent years, including for shows like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, and the movie Bridesmaids.

It’s always fun with moments like this, seeing famous figures before they actually got that way. Paul was a good player too, making it to the winner’s circle round both times on his first day. I’m actually a little jealous as a game show fan seeing as he played one of those rounds with the one and only Bill Cullen! It’ll be interesting to see what happens on his second day as champion.

And of course, this isn’t the first example of this, by far, even for this show. Other contestants of this caliber on Pyramid have included Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, the late actor David Graf, and comedienne and Pine-Sol Lady spokeswoman Diane Amos. David on his first appearance as a celebrity on the $100,000 version commented that he was able to get a lot done with the $10,000 he won in 1979, and it helped him as an upcoming actor. It’s nice to see their humble beginnings, so to speak, in the world of television.

If you want to see more of Paul playing, watch $25,000 Pyramid on GSN at 10:30 AM Eastern Time, or record the 3 AM late night repeat.

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