The Price is Right’s Newest Game: Double Cross

On Friday, viewers of The Price is Right saw a debut of a new pricing game, Double Cross.

Here a player is shown two lines of numbers that cut across each other. The aim of the game is to “highlight” the prices of the prizes that are being played. If it’s done correctly, they win both prizes. I know some people had issues with Drew’s explanation of it, but I thought it was pretty understandable.

The design and effects of the game are really modern and slick looking, and that’s definitely a plus. I also like the concept of it. However, I’m really getting Make Your Move knockoff vibes from this. And if it weren’t for the way the game were designed and it having the significance of being the first touch screen pricing game, I wouldn’t see anything that makes it stand out as something new or at least different to the Price roster, like other recent and semi-recent ones like Stack the Deck, Half-Off, and Pay the Rent have done. So far it hasn’t hooked me like Half-Off, and to some extent Rat Race did on their first playings.

I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but it’s definitely not a new favorite.

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