The Choice: Review

After Take Me Out at 8, another new dating show follows at 9 PM eastern on Fox, this time with celebrities!

The show is The Choice, a series in which four celebrity males pick potential dates by only the sound of her voice. Also, at the end, there’s an elimination round in which the men narrow down their date choices. The celebrities for this episode were DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore, Jason Cook of Days of our Lives and General Hospital fame, singer Romeo, and Olympic athlete Jeremy Bloom.

It’s hosted by Cat Deeley, best known here for her stint as judge on Fox’s reality competition series So You Think You Can Dance. Cat does about as nicely here as she did on GSN’s short-lived series 20Q, which I thought was a pretty decent show in itself. Here she works well with what she’s given and she has good chemistry with the celebrities.

I wish I could like this show as a whole. I really do. I can’t help but notice what a blatant ripoff this is of The Voice on NBC. Even down to the set and the swiveling chairs! The hidden view of the bachelorette in question from the panelists has a bit of a point, but the format itself doesn’t really come off as very inspired and at the end, it doesn’t much for me. But then again, The Voice itself isn’t my favorite show either, so that could have something to do with it.

Whereas I can happily recommend Take Me Out, the companion series that follows after… The Choice? Eh, not so much. Unless you’re really into the celebrity bachelors in question, then I’d say it’s worth watching. Like for instance, the only thing that really kept my attention was Jason Cook as one of the celebs (I’ve had a crush on him since at least 1999). Recommending it for the format? Meh. I’ve seen better.

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