Take Me Out: Review

Take Me Out is a new dating game show that airs Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox, and it’s hosted by comedian and actor George Lopez. It’s based on the British version of the same name.

The concept of the show is pretty simple: 30 single women go through three rounds with one bachelor. They all have a light in front of them. If the game is over and all of the lights are turned off, the guy loses and leaves alone. If the last round ends with more than one light on, the guy gets to choose who he’ll go out with. If this first episode shows us anything, it’s that we’re going to be seeing some pretty outrageous folks as this series moves along.

I can see why some of the girls turned down some of these men. I don’t know about anyone else, but stuff like “no cookies” is a big “no deal” in my book. And the more self-absorbed you come off as, the more turned off I’ll be personally. There’s a difference between being proud of yourself and being just plain cocky. Also, I’m all for a romantic man and everything, but the gladiator costume is a bit too much.

Anyway, back to the actual show. I’m not really the biggest fan of George Lopez, but he does decently here. Though I’m really not a fan of the cheesy puns he uses before the introductions of the bachelors (i.e. “Let the sausage see the peppers”). But he works with the contestants well and keeps the show flowing at the proper pace.

Take Me Out is a pretty fun little show, with some hilarious moments at times. I was in hysterics when one of the bachelors left with “All By Myself” playing. It’s a harmless way to pass the time and get entertained in place of what would most likely be a summer rerun. Gets my vote for weekly viewing.

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