GSN Richard Dawson Tribute Thursday

GSN has announced that a tribute will air this Thursday night, June 7th, in honor of the legendary host who passed away last Saturday. It will air from 7 PM to 11 PM eastern time and  will be as follows:

7 PM: Family Feud (1978): Richard’s son Gary appears

7:30 PM: Match Game ’74: Involves a funny moment with Richard and McLean Stevenson after kissing a winning contestant

8 PM: Family Feud (1980): Classic “September” blooper

8:30 PM: Match Game ’74: classic moment involving Richard, Gene Rayburn, and Loretta Swit

9 PM: Family Feud (1981): Richard meets Gretchen Johnson, a contestant on the show who became his future wife.

9:30 PM: Family Feud (1980): Richard’s birthday

10 PM: Family Feud (1994): Premiere (Richard returns to host the show after 9 years)

I’m really impressed that they actually got the rights to an episode of the 1994 version of Feud. Definitely something you don’t see every day. The other picks sound really good as well as memorable, especially the classic September moment. Looks to be a great way to honor Richard’s legacy. Good job, GSN.

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