What’s Staying? What’s Going? Renewals/Cancellations: 2012

What a year this was for prime time TV. My take on all of the shows that I currently watch or have some kind of interest in that were up in the air for Fall 2012.

GCB (ABC)  Canceled. Really disappointed that this show was axed. I’ll admit, when I first saw the promos for the show, I thought it was going to be a poor attempt of trying to recapture the hit that was Desperate Housewives. But I saw the first episode, and was immediately hooked by the campy story style, the original characters, witty dialogue, and amazing cast, which really clicked and worked well with each other. It was barely given a chance. Such a disappointment. I’m hoping another network picks this up. Lifetime, Bravo, are you listening?

Ringer (The CW) – Canceled. I’m not too surprised this was actually canceled, considering how it did ratings-wise every week. That being said, it would have been nice if we got at least another 13 episode order to wrap up the story. I mean, Bridget and Siobhan never even got to confront each other after everything went down! Potential in the confrontation, the aftermath. What happens when they start to pick up the pieces? Because, really, whether they like it or not, Bridget and Siobhan are now in the same exact position. Alone, and virtually unloved (well, Bridget still has Machado, but that’s practically it). Or maybe this show could have benefited from a shorter episode order to begin with. It could have given us less confusion and mind-screwy material, and given us a better chance at a quality season.

Supernatural  (The CW) – Renewed. Seasons 6 and 7 have been somewhat hit or miss… a few episodes have been disappointments in each year, but I’m glad that  the show is coming back. The show does have some life left in it, and it’ll be interesting seeing what Sam and Dean have to battle in season eight. It’s also worth noting that Sera Gamble, who ran the show creatively in the last two seasons has stepped down. Jeremy Carver, writer of episodes such as “A Very Supernatural Christmas”, “Free To Be You and Me”, and “Changing Channels” is taking her place. This change in showrunners easily has more potential in it.

Revenge (ABC) – Renewed. Really excited about this. A couple of friends of mine recommended the show for me to see and I started watching and immediately became hooked. Some excellent storytelling is seen here. Madeline Stowe is brilliant as the stone cold ice queen Victoria Grayson. The story just got a big twist with the adorable fiance of Emily Thorne, Daniel Grayson, possibly inadvertently getting himself involved in Emily’s plans.  Emily VanCamp initially won me over on Everwood. I’m glad to see that she has a successful show on her own.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – Renewed. Really excited for another season. It’s going to be very fun watching Marshall and Lily being parents, and the season finale left us with a couple pretty big questions. Barney got married to WHO?! 

2 Broke Girls (CBS) –  Renewed. Very nice that this show is returning. As I mentioned in the review for the season finale, the show isn’t perfect, but the show really does seem to be picking up, and there should be more ahead in season two as Max and Caroline build up their savings for their cupcake business.

Community (NBC) – Renewed. I know some people are disappointed with the short 13 episode order, but I think there are a couple of things worth pointing out. 1) This could always change, one of NBC’s new shows could easily fail and they could need an additional nine. 2) The past couple of seasons in my eyes have really been hit or miss. Some really good ones mixed in with some ones that were pretty disappointing and rather drab. Maybe we’ll have a chance of having a consistently good season. 13 strong episodes sounds a lot better than 22 ones that vary in quality.

All of those shows look like they’ll keep my interest in the upcoming fall season, and RIP Ringer and GCB. I’m also hearing good things about new shows like ABC’s 666 Park Avenue and The CW’s Cult. This fall sounds like it could be very interesting.

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