2 Broke Girls: And Martha Stewart Have A Ball

Well, after 24 episodes, thus marks the end of the first season of the new hit CBS comedy, 2 Broke Girls. The show that centers around, well, two broke girls, street-wise Max Black (Kat Dennings) and former rich socialite Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), as they become fast friends and decide to save up money to start their own cupcake business.

To close the first season, after having disappointing setbacks with their business, the girls decide to crash a fancy Manhattan ball with a slew of celebrities appearing, including none other than Martha Stewart.

This episode poses one question. I wonder if this really will be the last we’ll see of Johnny. Sitcoms do like to occasionally throw in old love interests in future stories. But either way, this was a great note to end Max/Johnny on. Max looked stunning in her dress and it was a good way to show Johnny besides Max’s personality what he missed out on.

I could not have been more proud of Max and Caroline when Martha Stewart actually told them she liked their cupcakes! Can you believe it?! Such a thrilling moment. I also couldn’t believe how brave Caroline was to continue on with trying to get Martha to taste one in a near impossible position. Also Kat did a good job playing the awkward moment when Max realized Martha Stewart was right next to them during the whole conversation. It was definitely one of the most shining moments of the series.

Every episode hasn’t been perfect, but this show has come along pretty well. I know some people are turned off by the dirty humor, but as someone who’s watched shows like Family Guy for years (which of course has had its share of controversial racial and sexual themed jokes), I’m not really phased by any of it. Well, okay, they reference the female anatomy more here, but I find it to be no big deal. My biggest issue if any is that it can sometimes drag the show’s pace more than “I can’t believe they said something so dirty!”

The actors are serious when they say the show has a heart. We do see heartfelt moments with the girls even with the raunchy humor. Take for instance, when Caroline bought her the purple open, the girls being there for Earl during his heart attack, and on this episode here when Max and Caroline were getting ready to go to the ball.

All in all, it left me with a warm feeling in my heart after some good laughs and it leaves me really excited and in anticipation for season 2.

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