Friends Reunion? Yeah, Not Happening

We can add Lisa Kudrow to Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer as voices of the series who are pretty certain that a reunion movie for Friends isn’t going to happen.

I can’t help but wonder though… am I the only fan of the show that has absolutely no interest or desire in seeing a reunion movie?

Now, now. Hear me out.

Like for many, the show was a staple in my home. A longtime favorite. Didn’t miss an episode. But the consensus from the actors asked about it honestly really put things in perspective. The show really did all that can be done with the characters, and if you ask me, the show stretched things about a year or two too long. Not to mention everyone had proper closure. It’s not like a show that ended with a cliffhanger and never got a resolution. What could possibly be done in a reunion movie? Ross and Rachel got back together, Phoebe got married to Mike, Monica and Chandler got their baby. Joey went to LA (and even with the spinoff ending abruptly, I’d like to think Joey’s still scouting for that acting job). Word has it that the writers don’t seem to have it in them, and the last thing I’d want is for the show to ruin what was one of the best series finales ever made.

As saddened as I was to see the show end, I’m really content with it now, and I think it’s best to just re-live the show in reruns.

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