Remembering Game Show Pioneer Bob Stewart

On Friday, the television world lost a true legend. Bob Stewart, the creator and producer of game shows such as The Price is Right, Password, To Tell The Truth, and Pyramid, has passed away at the age of 91.

It’s really something when you think about his influence in the genre of game shows. Can you imagine what the television landscape would be without a landmark show like The Price is Right? Who knew that you could take something like bidding on prizes and turn it into an empire? What would it be like without a word game like Password? His most majorly successful show under his own guise after leaving Goodson-Todman was Pyramid, one of the most insightful and exciting shows with the pressure of winning big money. One of the reasons why Pyramid is my favorite game show of all time with Password coming in as a close second is because of how coming up with clues really exercises one’s mind. He certainly knew how to make television exciting and engaging.

A true pioneer and he will be sorely missed.

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